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This page will take you on a journey through the matchday programmes issued for Ayr United’s matches over each season.

I am also developing a view of programmes by club which is developing and will be complete by the end of this season..

Programmes by Season Links

Programmes by Team Links

Team programme links show only thumbnails images, but full views can be found in the above season views .It should be remembered that this page doesn't show all the clubs that Ayr United have played over the years, but simply those for whom programmes were published. 

In particular Ayr United’s many tours to Canada, Sweden, Africa and Europe, let alone Highland tours and many matches against English clubs are not covered for this reason.  The results of the main tours that did not have a programme can be found through the link below.

Scottish Professional Football League

Other Scottish Teams

Scottish Ex-League

English Football League Teams

Premier League


Other English Teams

Foreign Teams

Canadian Clubs

Danish Clubs

English Ex- League

Polish Clubs

Scottish Non-League

League 1

English Non- League

Swedish Clubs

Welsh Teams

League 2

Irish Teams

Irish Republic

Northern Ireland

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